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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Long time, no posts

Okay, I am way behind.

Most likely because I didn't want to admit defeat.

Calgary 70.3 sucked.

My shoulder had not fully recovered from the tendinitis and I had lost almost two weeks training from being sick at the beginning of July. Being that sick and the shoulder issues I was having just through my training for a complete loop.

I just barely managed to make the swim cut-off in Calgary but just could not make up enough time and missed the bike cut-off by five minutes - five freaking minutes.

I am going back next year. I love the course (it would have been nicer on the bike if it wasn't overcast and rainy). It is challenging, tough and I don't like being told no.

My husband was fantastic the whole weekend and was my rock when I had to deal with admitting that I failed. A few tears of frustration were shed on my part (I have I mentioned that I am stubborn?).

So, what now?

I have started strength training in order to fix up my shoulders. I always seem to let strength training be the first thing to go when I run out of time - I can't do that anymore or my body will stop me dead in my tracks.

Also, I have had to address some serious stomach issues (acid reflux from hell). I ended up in the emergency room on Canada Day morning for about 7 or 8 hours - not exactly fun. I have been on heavy duty meds to control the reflux, but they come with their own 'fun' side-effects.

In an effort to combat my stomach issues, I have at least for now switched to a vegan diet. The latest specialist that I was referred to told me that it could help (and thus let me reduce the dosage of my meds). I still may end up having surgery to fix my stomach but in the past couple of weeks, by eliminating meat and animal products I have been able to cut the dosage of my meds in half with no ill effects. Actually, my stomach is feeling better than it has since, well, I can't remember how long.

So that is it for now, rehab, get healthy and keep in shape until training begins again next month.

That and I'll try to keep up to date here!