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30 November 2011 to 30 May 2012

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March totals:

Swim - 9.92 km 4 hrs 11 mins 50 secs

Bike (all trainer) - 10 hrs 45 mins

Run - 97.12 km 14 hrs 27 mins 04 secs

It didn't feel like I was doing a whole lot (guess that I am getting used to higher training volumes).

For April, I am finally getting to do some higher heart rate stuff on the run - yippee!

Left leg straightened itself on it's own, so just the normal chiro tune up at the end of the week :)

Editted to add today's run - oops.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good recovery week

I always feel lazy on recovery weeks - especially when I get a rest day on the Monday. Don't get me wrong, it feels good but still lazy.

Monday 22nd

Day off - the body wasn't in too bad of shape, I was pleasantly surprised.

Tuesday 23rd

Swim: 1000m easy free - felt good, speed was surprisingly fast.

Wednesday 24th

Bike: 45 minutes at AET - legs were a little tired/stiff for the first bit and the HR was higher than I expected but everything settled down by 15 to 20 mins in to the ride.

Thursday 25th

Run: 40 minutes at AET - very hot cardio room and lack of sleep (only 4 hrs) made for a shitty run. 2.71 miles

Friday 26th

Day Off - got a good nights sleep, felt much better.

Saturday 27th

Run: 60 minutes at AET include 4 x 20 seconds strides throughout the run - did on Sunday, could not resist running in the beautiful Sunday weather. Really good run, 4.61 miles. Strides felt really good, nice to see that the speed is still in the legs.

Sunday 28th

Bike: 60 minutes at AET - good ride. Need to get the bike ready to get outside.

The body feels good, slight tightness in the left quad but I'll go see the chiro about it tomorrow (he has done wonders for my left leg issues).

Next up, a build week - haven't seen the next block of training yet from the coach but I know that by Friday, I will be very happy to have a rest day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A really good week

I am really happy with how this past week went. All my workouts got done, on the day they were supposed to get done. This makes me a happy camper!

Here is what the week looked like:

Monday 8th

Swim: 300m free, 200m free, 1 km free with fins, 200m easy

Bike: 60 minutes at AET include 5 x 5 minute intervals at AET + 5 bpm with 2 minutes recovery, maintain high rpm

Tuesday 9th

Run: 45 minutes at AET

Wednesday 10th

Swim: 4 x 500m 1st and last 500m are free, middle 2 are free with fins, 1 minute recovery between each rep

Bike: 90 minutes include 30 minutes at AET + 5 to 10 bpm cadence between 90 to 100 rpm

Thursday 11th

Run: 60 minutes include 3 x 5 minute efforts at AET + 5 bpm with 2 minutes recovery between efforts.

Friday 12th

Day off

Saturday 13th

Bike: 60 minutes at AET

Run: 30 minutes at AET

Sunday 14th

Run: 2 hrs 30 minutes At AET

For the whole week, my body felt strong and remarkably rested. I was a little tired this morning, the day after the long run but a swim at lunch fixed me right up.

Now, only if my body could get used to the time change - I really missed my hour of sleep this morning (note to self, change the clock in the bedroom tonight).

I slept in by an hour this morning, since I didn't realize that my husband had neglected to change the time on the bedroom clock (it is on his side of the bed). Luckily, my work is pretty good about letting us flex our time (within reason).

One more build week this week and then a recovery week (2 hard, 1 recovery), I just took a peek at the week coming up and I am pretty sure I will be a sweaty puddle of goo come Thursday's bike work out - I'll let you know how I fair!

Hopefully in a few more weeks, I will be outside for my bikes!