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30 November 2011 to 30 May 2012

Monday, June 21, 2010

Almost there

Only 40 days to go until race day, eek!

I think that I am over being sick, I had a really good 120 km ride a week ago. I took last week off as a bit of an impromptu 'mental break' week. I am not sure if the coach will be thrilled but the brain needed.

I had been so busy with work/Air Force Run stuff, then sick, then had a very full training week - mentally I was bagged and just needed to be a slug for a bit. I am feeling 1000% better this week and I am keen again to train and race again.

Coming up for this weekend is the St.Malo race weekend. http://stmalotri.blogspot.com/ I am only doing the Sprint, just a good warm up to the race season, practice transition, etc. It should be fun, as some friends are racing as well!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The past couple of weeks, meh

Things kind of fell off the rails for the past couple of weeks.

I was on the event committee for the 2010 Air Force Run (May 30th) and it ended up consuming way too much time in my life for the week around race day.

Immediately after the race, I got sick - ended up missing two days of work.

Feeling much better now and will test out the body with a run today.

Two hard build weeks coming up!