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30 November 2011 to 30 May 2012

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm baaaaack!

Sorry for dropping off of the face of the planet (just in case anyone is still reading this).

We had a beyond crazy summer. Our son was in Steinbach getting his Private Pilot's license, so what better to do then decide to move? Over the course of the summer, we bought, sold and moved houses.

Then one week after getting possession of the new house I had surgery to remove my gallbladder. It turns out a pesky stone had been making me so sick.

I am happy to report that we are (mostly) settled in the new house and I am completely recovered from my surgery (laparoscopic, thank goodness). I am back to training and loving being back, except after almost three months off it is hard work!

This week is week three back at it and thankfully a recovery week - I am feeling downright lazy with just hot yoga today :)

I am really looking forward to training with a healthy body - the past three years have kind of sucked being sick/diet restrictions. I am really excited to see what I can do now that I can eat without worrying about a 3 am emergency room visit!

More to follow, I promise.