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30 November 2011 to 30 May 2012

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Not the best week

Finally completely over being sick.

I thought that I was better, but my heart rate told a different story. My run and bike on Monday and Tuesday both had very high heart rates. Also, oddly on my run Monday I wasn't sweating very much - normally when I run on the treadmill (okay, or any other time when it is remotely warm) I sweat buckets.

My swim on Tuesday was also iffy (coughing up phlegm while swimming sucks).

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday became rest days - Wednesday was supposed to be a run day but I was still feeling off. Thursday and Friday were a shopping trip to Grand Forks (Black Friday bargains!) and were planned rest days.

I got on the trainer today for 60 minutes and I am happy to report that the heart rate was right were it was supposed to be. This is a relief, as I was getting a little concerned about what was happening. Just in time too, next week is a big week for training including a 1500m time trial in the pool.

I am beginning to see that a HRM is a very valuable training tool - letting you know when you are not fully recovered from illness and to take it easy.

Long run tomorrow, hopefully the snow will stop!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back at it after being sick

I was sick most of the weekend - really sore, stiff back and then Sunday evening I felt completely run down and shaky. I took Monday and Tuesday off work/training, as when ever I tried to be remotely energetic the shaky feeling came back (along with being exhausted). Monday night also involved coughing - yippee.

Went back to work today and also got in a 45 minute trainer ride and all is good - no issues with the heart rate. This week is a recovery week, so it was actually not the worst timing to get sick.

I also got an e-mail today that I was picked up as a Sugoi Brand Champion! This is very good, since I love Sugoi clothing and could spend way too much money on it without some help.

Friday is a spin-a-thon at work - I get to spin for an hour with a team from my office. We have a former road racer and a few spin class addicts, so we should give the competition a run for their money!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Training is my happy place

I had a really good week training. 7 hours total - just base building but if felt good.

The heart rate training is starting to come together - read that I can 'run' for my whole run - okay jog slowly, but no walk breaks!

Swimming was really good and my butt is getting re-acquainted with riding on the trainer (owie).

One of the other athletes trained by my coach did 9:54 at IM Florida yesterday - his best IM so far and that was even with GI issues the last half of the marathon.

Very inspiring!

Also, today I got the next four week block of training from the coach - there are some really fun looking swims in there (seriously). I have been feeling much stronger in the pool than I expected, so I am enjoying it since I know that come March I will be so sick of pools and chlorine.

Oh, and Winnipeg had 13°C yesterday and 12°C today - I had a fantastic long run outside this morning, sunshine and warm temperatures - in November!