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30 November 2011 to 30 May 2012

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Plane Day!

Today was plane day.

We had a Herc land, drop off passengers/cargo (more about the cargo in a minute) and take outgoing passengers and cargo.

The planes our our lifeline up here. They bring us everything that we need to survive - food (that they feed us way too much of!), supplies, equipment and of course the mail.

The mail always brings an added boast for morale - even with the internet and email, it is always nice to get something sent to you. A letter, card, parcel - you name it. You kind of feel like a little kid again when it is your turn to get something.

Since we only have one flight left until Christmas, today's mail filled three dollies! There were tons of parcels and lots of cards. It was pretty neat to see.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a package. There was only a return address (no name) and I didn't recognise the address. It turns out that it was from my Aunt Pat and Uncle Omar in Burlington!

It was filled with goodies and treats - it absolutely made my day!

(Some of the Turtles may or may have not been eaten already when this picture was taken...)

I also received a couple of cards from friends as well - I need to start a string to hang my cards on in my room. I will see how many more I get next week.

I had almost forgotten how nice mail and parcels are when you are away from home for a long time - it has been almost twenty years since I was last at cadet camp and had parcels sent by Mom to look forward to.


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